Launch of Master Card Issuance Service by NIC Asia Bank

In a significant move to enhance the payment system in Nepal, NIC Asia Bank has introduced its MasterCard Issuance Service. This initiative was unveiled during a special program held in Pokhara on Sunday. The new service aims to provide customers with greater flexibility and security in their financial transactions, reinforcing the bank’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

Comprehensive MasterCard Services

The newly launched MasterCard, available at all branch offices of NIC Asia Bank, serves as a versatile debit card equipped with advanced features like EMV chip technology and contactless payment options. These enhancements ensure that transactions are not only swift but also secure, addressing the growing demand for safe and efficient banking solutions.

Broad Range of Facilities

Customers holding the NIC Asia MasterCard can enjoy a myriad of facilities including POS (Point of Sale) payments, e-commerce transactions, and ATM withdrawals. The card can be used not just within Nepal but also in neighboring countries such as India and Bhutan. This international usability is a testament to NIC Asia Bank’s efforts to provide comprehensive financial solutions to its customers.

A Step Towards a ‘Digital First’ Bank

NIC Asia Bank’s partnership with the globally recognized MasterCard is a strategic move towards its vision of becoming a ‘digital first’ bank. This collaboration is expected to significantly boost the banking sector in Nepal, providing customers with access to world-class banking services. The bank is confident that this initiative will contribute substantially to elevating the standards of the banking industry in the country.

Extensive Network and Reach

With a vast network of 360 branch offices, 670 ATMs, 118 extended counters, and 51 branchless banking networks across Nepal, NIC Asia Bank has established a robust presence in the region. This extensive network ensures that customers from various parts of the country can easily access the new MasterCard Issuance Service and enjoy its numerous benefits.

NIC Asia Bank’s launch of the MasterCard Issuance Service marks a pivotal step in the evolution of Nepal’s banking sector. By integrating advanced payment technologies and expanding their service reach, the bank is poised to offer superior banking experiences to its customers. This initiative not only strengthens the payment system but also aligns with NIC Asia Bank’s broader goal of digital transformation and financial inclusion.