Your eSewa Account will be suspended verify your KYC now

Now transactions will not be possible from eSewa accounts without KYC verification.

Issuing a notification, since the transaction of digital wallets without KYC verification will be stopped from next 1st of Shrawn , eSewa has requested to verify immediately.

According to the unified instructions of Nepal Rastra Bank, all digital wallet users will have to verify the KYC of their wallets compulsorily from Shrawn.

So, here is the KYC procedure from a mobile App? Follow the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1: Login your eSewa account from eSewa mobile App & tap on your profile image

Step 2: Tap on “My Information”.

Step 3: Fill up all your details in “Personal Details” and Click on “Proceed” & “Save and Continue

Step 4: Now, fill up all the details in “Address Details” and Click on “Proceed” & “Save and Continue

Step 5: Now, it’s time to fill up the “Document Details” which includes either Citizenship/Passport/Driving License/Voter ID and a LIVE photo

Note: You need to click the LIVE photo to complete the KYC. 

You will receive KYC approval within 48 hours of filling out the form.