8 Common Reasons Your eSewa ID Gets Blocked

Worried that your eSewa id has been blocked and you are unaware why did it happen? Worry not, it is not always serious, sometimes it may happen because your KYC hasn’t been verified. Sometimes it could be for another reason, in this blog we are going to discuss 8 common reasons your eSewa ID gets blocked along with ways to unblock it. .

Types of Block

There are many times when someone’s account might be blocked, and they would not even know their account has been blocked. This surely creates tension among the users. In order to give more information regarding this, eSewa ID block has been categorized based on their types. 

Debit Block

  • Amount can be credited but can’t be used by individuals or amount can’t be sent to others. 
  • System Blocks manually or in case of fraud 
  • In case of verified users is if threshold amount exceeds 5,00,000 
  • In case of unverified users if it exceeds 30,000 

Debit/ Credit Block

  •  Neither amounts can be deposited, nor can they be sent to others. 
  • In case of fraud, involvement in illegal transactions (illegal betting, money laundering, gambling) 

Overall Block

  •  No access to eSewa  account at all 
  • In case of fraud, involvement in illegal transactions (illegal betting, money laundering, gambling) 
  • Sanction list users 
  • If it violates the terms and condition or guidelines of eSewa 

8 Common Reasons Your eSewa ID Gets Blocked

The main goal of eSewa has always been providing our users with a seamless and hassle-free experience. However, sometimes due to various unforeseen reasons there might arise some problem, that needs to be addressed and explained, so here 8 common reasons your eSewa ID gets blocked:

1. Failure to comply with KYC verification

KYC verification is mandatory for eSewa users, one must get verified to get access of all eSewa services. However, if you are not a verified user and the deposited amount exceeds 30,000, your account might get blocked. It is a temporary block and once you verify the KYC you would be able to unblock it. 

2. Fraudulent activities 

If any user has been accused of fraud, then there are chances that his account might be unlocked. In this case, both the parties, the accused and accuser must write a mail to eSewa that they have resolved the issue then only the account would be unblocked. 

3. Illegal activities (forex, money laundering, gambling, illegal betting) 

If the user is found doing any sort of activities like taking part in online betting, gambling, money laundering, etc that is considered illegal by the Government of Nepal then there is high chance that the users account might get blocked. 

4. Wallet balance threshold limit 

There are certain criteria on the amount that can be considered at a time. In the case of verified users, the amount should not exceed Five Lakh whereas for the users who have not verified their KYC the amount is Thirty Thousand. If the limitation exceeds then there is a chance that your account will get blocked. 

5. Breach of terms and condition 

There are rules and regulations that have been set to protect our users from any kind of online attack and protect their data. However, in case of breach of any kind of terms and conditions the account might be blocked. 

6. Police report, court order, partner/ merchant 

Users should not be involved in any kind of fraud, police case, or feud, if users are found guilty then their account gets blocked. Besides, it can only be unblocked if all the charges against the user are found invalid or if user is declared innocent. 

7. Multiple login attempt (temporary wallet block) 

We always suggest to always avoid multiple login activities. In such a case, the system itself will block you considering that you might be a hacker. Hence, users should be careful regarding this login details and should avoid multiple logins. 

8. Request and complain from users 

eSewa values its customers and their feedback, so if any user has filed a complaint against other user, then the account will be blocked until the user that has made a complaint comes into agreement with the accused user.  

How can this be avoided? 

  • Verify your KYC 
  • Avoid giving your personal information or MPIN’s to others. 
  • Don’t get involved in online betting, money laundering, gambling, or anything that is considered illegal as per Government of Nepal. 
  • Avoid any sort of suspicious transaction, fraud cases, internal assessment, police report, etc. 

Documents required to unblock the account 

  • A handwritten signed letter should be mailed by the user 
  • Live photo holding government issued document 
  • Source of income and proof of residence 
  • In case of fraud case reported by the user, if reasonable evidence is not provided by the reporter the account will be unblocked 
  • In case of wallet block request from law enforcement agencies, such account will be unblocked after getting clearance from the respective bodies